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For Release – 26 October 2015

Demand for NSG's Dynetcom Patching system increases after TE Connectivity ( ADC ) announces End of Life for the PatchMate platform.

October has seen a flood of calls from existing ADC PatchMate users seeking replacement technology for the recently discontinued PatchMate product. Extensively deployed in Military , Government and Enterprise networks, the PatchMate provided Serial data patching capabilities that in many cases are mission critical. The Dynetcom Dynapatch MkII modular platform manufactured by NSGDatacom has been proven over many years in exactly these same environments worldwide, and offers a direct operational and functional alternative to the now defunct PatchMate.

NSG's commitment to our existing customers for both continued production and support of the Dynetcom Dynapatch products is now extended to PatchMate users that need to replace PatchMate or add Dynapatch to their existing Patching install base.

With unparalleled reliability underpinned by a product lifetime guarantee, the Dynapatch MKII provides customers with the definitive answer to the PatchMate End of Life Dilemma.

Click here to link to the Dynapatch MkII product data sheet.


last updated: 13-October-14