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Network Exchange, VoIP, SIP, TDM, WAN and Integrated Access

After acquiring NX Networks in 2002, NSGDatacom continued manufacture and support of the established Netrix Network exchange and NX 2500 product lines. Further investment by NSG in product development has resulted in all new Netrix branded NX2200 series Network Exchange platforms. Netrix products from NSGDatacom are used in many different applications and in particular where high quality voice over IP and optimised bandwidth is required.

These high quality products provide customers with vastly improved network performance as well as the ability to deliver an advanced range of transport services. All products operate extremely effectively over terrestrial, wireless, and especially satellite links.

The Netrix voice and data gateway products offer Internet telephony solutions, including toll bypass, voice VPN, SIP Gateway and SIP optimisation. They provide the highest level of quality possible for the combination of switched compressed voice with WAN network data services, all in a single modular platform.

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Our Nx2200 product family offers bandwidth efficient solutions for both Enterprise and Satellite Applications.

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last updated: 25-jan-09