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Telex Switching and Email Integration

Telex Switches and PAD products are based on the TURBO product platform, specifically the NanoTURBO (TLX-25/6), MicroTURBO (TLX25/10), and PACIII (TLXIII), and have the same multi-protocol capabilities. All products accommodate standard Telex Trunk or Subscriber signaling, Async, and X.25 protocols. All products offer full real-time inter-working capability between Telex and Async or X.25/FR/IP

Telex Switches and PAD Platforms:

  • TLX25/6 provides 4 Telex ports and 1 X.25 port

  • TLX25/10 provides up to 8 Telex ports and 2 X.25 ports

  • TLXIII provides up to 240 Telex ports

  • Full capabilities to support X.25, Frame Relay, and TCP/IP simultaneously with Telex

[TLXIII Product Image]Telex Exchanges:

  • Up to 20,000 lines with TLX25/III

  • Internal bus is X.25 at 9600 bps

  • Full set of standard Telex features

  • Telex ports can be intermixed with Async or X.25 ports

  • Up to 480 ports per cabinet with Line Converters or 1440 lines without.

  • Utilize X.25, Frame Relay, or TCP/IP network for Telex Trunks or Conventional Telex Trunks.

Line Converters available to convert TURBO V.24/V.28 interface to FSK or Current Loop:

  • M44 provides 4 ports for conversion to either FSK or current loop lines

  • M4040 is a modular chassis which will take up to 10 four port line converter cards. Cards may be FSK or Current Loop. An integral 65 vdc loop supply is included. Line interface is via 50 pin Telco connectors

  • M120 is a modular chassis which will take up to ten 12 port current loop or FSK converter cards. An integral 65 vdc loop supply isincluded. Line interface is via 50 pin Telco connectors.

PCTELEX Telex Emulator:

  • Runs in any standard PC

  • Communicates with TLX Nodes via dedicated dial up modems and the PSTN

  • Users can send telex or data messages in conversational or file transfer modes.

  • Operates in background so normal PC operations are not effected.

  • Allows message composition then automatic transmission.

  • Reduces Telex exchange port requirements

last updated: 2-June-15